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This is me!

laughing dog :)) how adorable, beautiful dog, which is alot to say about a bull dog!

Harlow the Weimaraner & his new pal Indiana, the Daschund. Love these guys.

Harlow the weimaraner his new pal Indi the weiner dog. I love the name Harlow for a Weimaraner! They are so cute, and Harlow just makes it even cuter!

Sometimes, gravity is simply awesome.   http://www.wannasmile.com/2017/02/sometimes-gravity-is-simply-awesome/

I think I've already pinned this picture, but I love that face soooo much.

Do Cats Hibernate In The Winter

Lazy afternoon

Could make the bed out of pvc pipe and some cozy bean bag fabric stuff.


Area Dog Is ‘Too Big’ for Sink Baths Great Dane puppy Maya has already outgrown the kitchen sink for her weekly bath. “When she was much smaller, we used to bather her in the sink.

A incrível amizade entre um cão gigante e um filhote...<3

A incrível amizade entre um cão gigante e um filhote

After its selfies and shots with his old friend Sage, nowadays Harlow the Weimaraner is even more popular with the family's new member, Indi the Dachshund,