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"我們信要誠實、真誠、貞潔、仁慈、有品德,並為所有的人做有益的事;的確,我們可以說我們聽從保羅的訓誡──我們凡事相信、凡事盼望,我們已忍受了許多事情,希望凡事都能忍受。任何有品德、美好、受好評或值得讚揚的事,我們皆追求之。" 信條第13條   無價珍珠 (

"我們信要誠實、真誠、貞潔、仁慈、有品德,並為所有的人做有益的事;的確,我們可以說我們聽從保羅的訓誡──我們凡事相信、凡事盼望,我們已忍受了許多事情,希望凡事都能忍受。任何有品德、美好、受好評或值得讚揚的事,我們皆追求之。" 信條第13條 無價珍珠 (

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Jesus and John the baptist . In a lot of pictures Jesus is depicted as straight faced. I definitely think Jesus joked, laughed, and rejoiced a lot. <--I really love this portrayal of Jesus as a joyous person

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The Baptism of Jesus at the Jordan (MT FIRST LUMINOUS MYSTERY Baptism Greg Olsen Jesus, the perfect example.He did not need baptism, as he was sinless but was baptized to show us what we need to do;

What's funny is that the link leads to a post about teaching bible to your kids, but if there is one picture that embodies the futility and senselessness of prayer, this is it.

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Funny pictures about Probably going to hell for laughing at this. Oh, and cool pics about Probably going to hell for laughing at this. Also, Probably going to hell for laughing at this photos.

It looks like Jesus is relaxing at a campfire.

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And as they did eat, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it, and gave to them, and said, Take, eat: this is my body.  Mark 14:22

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