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sexymonstersupercreep:    death dances with a maiden

Dancing with Death/ The German Tango . - Louis Raemaekers - - Cartoons against isolationism in WWI The German Tango- “From East to West and West to East, I dance with thee.

Skeletons in the closet

to have skeletons in the Closet = to have a hidden and shocking secret cool drawing halloween art print

adventures-of-the-blackgang:    themagicfarawayttree:    Death Tarot Card

XVII - Mortality- Nothingness Death Tarot - does not need be a bad card just end of one thing & beginning of new.

Death Death Icons in Different Cultures – Infographic:

Death & Gravestone Symbolism from takes an in-depth look at the most common signs and symbols used on gravestones around the world.

UNKNOWN [Please, if someone knows the author's name or the work's name I'll be very grateful for share it, thanks :-)] [Por favor, si alguien ve esta obra y conoce su nombre y/o autoría le agradeceré mucho que lo deje en comentarios, gracias :-)]

red-lipstick: aka Menton J. Matthews III - May 2010 Paintings striving for beauty

What Will Catch My Eye

skull / crown / lightning bolts / purple / pink / magenta / fuchsia / black / maroon / burgundy / brown great for tshirt design

Like the skeleton as part of the tree

Pretty awesome artwork in my opinion. Has multiple meanings behind it. Would be an awesome tattoo idea!

Las 3 Calaveras

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - would make a cool tattoo if thats your kind of thing

human skull anatomy photos

Plate Vb Human Skull, engraving by William Miller after drawing by W. Miller, published in Engravings of the Skeleton of the Human Body.