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cool wallpaper

Hipster Giraffe Sony Phonecase Cover For Xperia Xperia Xperia Xperia Xperia This case mate is not only phone accessories which cov

giraffe pancake :)

Ella would be super excited if Nate could pull this off on Sunday morning. ; )

How awesome is this, a tutorial on how to make a giraffe pancake! At Jim's Pancakes you can find all kinds of pancake how to's both with pictures and videos.

Силуэт жирафа

I love that all you can see is the giraffe's silhouette and the only color in the photo is the sunset in the background. Giraffe Silhouette - Taken late afternoon as this giraffe came into a river crossing

Enjoying some sunshine! Giraffe at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

"Enjoying some sunshine! Giraffe at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park" ~K~ I'll never get used to The San Diego Wild Animal Park's name change. To me, it'll always be The WAP !

Sharon Montrose Photography

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