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Make some friendship rings out of old but colorful coated electrical wires.

Electric Love: Ring Made From Reclaimed Electric Wires

Eldest Child would love this... And the spousal unit has millions of cables...

Rewired Bracelets (made from wires from printer cable)

3 Ways to DIY Your Own Earrings (In 5 Minutes or Less) | http://hellonatural.co/diy-earrings-3-ways/

DIY Earrings 3 Ways (In 5 Minutes or Less)

old cd12

18 Cosas geniales que puedes hacer con tus viejos CDs

DIY Old CD Bracelet DIY Projects Let's come here. And listen to me. Because we will make it so beautiful today. Find a old CD.

basic wire loop tutorial for those interested

I taught myself basic wire working skills by surfing the net, watching videos, and studying tutorials and with lots and lots of practice!

How to Make a Beaded Snowflake Pendant ... | Jewelry Making Tutorial by wanting

Christmas is coming. It is time to create Christmas jewelry now. In today’s jewelry making tutorial, we will teach you how to make beaded snowflake pendant necklace for Christmas. Materials needed for.

Amethyst Spiral Heart! so pretty I bet I could make this. by debbie

Amethyst Spiral Heart ~ fun idea for birth stone or mothers jewels filling side with kids stones colors.

This stunning Pearl and Leather Necklace that incorporates a beautiful Sterling Silver textured ring is a new addition to my Pearl and Leather

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images diy

This DIY jewelry tutorial is going to show you how to make four-colored floating pearl necklace with simple knotting techniques. by benita

How to Make Wire Flowers for Crafting  http://craftywoodcutouts.com/how-to-make-wire-flowers-for-crafting/

Tools needed to learn how to make wire flowers for crafting. Bending it towards you and leaving a little peice of the wire

Seed bead on Pinterest | 21 Pins

Looking for seed bead bracelets designs ? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of seed bead bracelets designs. We Provide 20 for you about seed bead bracelets designs- page 1