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You know how your mind wanders when you’re on the phone and you doodle without really realize that’s what you’re doing? Apparently Doodle Merida needed to get out onto the paper.>>> Ah like yer doodleing

merida drawing - Buscar con Google

Late night doodles of little Merida, because wow she was a cute child!I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with her hair lol I dont know how to draw it *headdesk*EDIT: Coloured them!

Merida•cartoon | Brave's Merida cartoon illustration via ...

Pin for Later: Disney Princesses Like You've Never Seen Them Realistic Merida This artist imagines Merida as a real adult woman. Illustration by sithness

Anime Merida | dijous, 23 agost de 2012

So, yeah, channeling my inner Elusive and decided to finish my Designer Merida concept. A Noble Maiden Fair

Cabelo Cacheado

Brave - Merida: disney, princess, sketch I love that the hair takes up most of the picture!

mickeyandcompany: “ Character designs for Beauty and the Beast (1991), by Glen Keane ”

Beauty & the beast Amazing art of Disney Artists, Glen & Claire Keane I'm just a fan who really likes both of their art.

Merida concept art - Brave - Pixar animation

cwiney : I will create a professional whiteboard animation video for $25 on www

Girl with red curly hair illustration - Merida concept art - Brave - Pixar