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#virgo I know someone like this lol

Probably my biggest pet peeve. People ask me a question, & because it's not the answer the wanted, I get ridiculed for it. You don't know me so do not judge me.

Thats me hehe....

A Virgo won't really argue with you, they'll just simply state the obvious and let you try to think of clever comebacks. ~~This is a GREAT explanation of a Virgo!

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Hence the multiple obsessions I have. All of them have deeper meanings (yes I'm talking abut fandoms lol)

I get annoyed by stupidity!!! #YESSS

Virgo - certain Virgo facial expressions are silent ways of telling you that you sound like an idiot

This is definitely a must know for significant other. Even when we fight you off in the beginning. We hate to seem weak....

Physical affection is always a positive for me. Unless I actually say do not touch me because *insert reason here* then you can ALWAYS hug me. Hugs are powerful actions of assurance.