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ok but dan literally said he was borrowing the sweater from phil omg sinking this ship

I freaked out so so so much when this happened I was like "OMG Phil just referenced P!ATD"

Why sleep when you can meme?


domestic pics that Absolutely Did Not make me cry while reading dapgo


“Icon Pack Phil Series - mediafire // Any trouble, let me know immediately 9 Phil Icons x feel free to use but do not claim as your own please like or.

everything about this is perfect...Phil used to be ginger i his childhood, and the way Dan looked at him made it seem like he knew, and then Phil looked at the camera like OH GOD

This cheeky little twat! He knows that we know that Philly was a ginger headed freckled faced child

pls,,, stop being so perfect,,,,,,

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Alright how bout the fun fact that everyone around you has their own lives as complex and complicated as your own, even just the faces you see for milliseconds in car windows?