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Funny pictures about The best plate for pizza. Oh, and cool pics about The best plate for pizza. Also, The best plate for pizza.

20 Funny Tumblr Photo Comments.  tumblr is hilarious.

Funny picture: Little Table Big Pizza

Sometimes I see these things, and I’m AMAZED at how freaking cute kids are…

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situations. Kids are hilarious!

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Funny pictures about Fun New Jacket. Oh, and cool pics about Fun New Jacket. Also, Fun New Jacket photos.


Indeed, lots of Eric Foreman and Vacuum.

The human face of a Queen ...simply being 'human'... (My caption) -- She's fabulous. End of discussion.

Favorite pictures of the Queen of England. >>> Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the Queen of England.

Ellen’s favorite Tweets

The fog machine made me giggle.

dying of laughter right now. This is freaking hilarious!:

Funny as hell! We've all expirienced a "Diane"! This guy is my hero!

Drake Bell, ladies and gentlemen, Drake Bell. Smartest man. When it comes to Beiber and his crap.

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

Drake Bell ladies and gentlemen <----- The only reason I like him because he hates Justin Bever as much as I do.

Some of these are good, some are bad, but saving for the good lol

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny

Swiper no swiping! I just woke my hubby up, because I was laughing so damn hard about swiper!

literally LOL'd.  although with my flexibility, i could probably do it

I just laughed so hard.<<< I fell on the floor laughing so hard

Memedroid - "Nickelodeon *not mine*" by themellofello

Oh god Nickelodeon. Don't forget the nerdy ghost kid on Danny Phantom-He was bullied by popular kids and killed himself. ^I never realized this. My childhood had more to it than I thought.

Med Student Got Stuck In The Elevator On His First Day Of Surgery

Med Student Got Stuck In The Elevator On His First Day Of Surgery

Med Student Stuck in the Elevator on His First Day of Surgery

That Moment When...

That Moment When.solo vendo chiles y sigaro -:-#

People who want to date you / iFunny :)

Haha read till the ending because it is such a plot twist

this makes me really happy for some reason.

Internet friends!

I got you Ryan Gosling--yeah that shit don't happen to me when I'm sad. I'd be happy with a cat and cake.