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Loooooollllll get me out of this school system, I'm stuck in one of the hardest maths syllabus courses in the world. MANDATORY MATHS WHO'S WITH ME how am I supposed to graduate

Yuri!!! On Ice This is the part where people throw money B0 Yurio, Otabek

Why sleep when you can meme?

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Knowing JJ he would do something like this. And who invited him anyways?

I laughed for a million years at " quad flips into your personal space

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Technically the title should be "Yuri High School Host Club!!!" since it's the Yuri cast in an Ouran seen. Buuuuut I still love it cause it's accurate AF

On ice/ Ouran high school host club crossover BEST DAY EVUR! anime challenge day this is it. This is my fav anime! Host club becuz it never gets old and yoi becuz yes

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Para la gente del Fandom y personas que les gustó YoI, kajdjdmflfkkf

This is honestly what would have happened if Yuri hadn’t known Victor.

omg that should of happened at their first meetup, but instead we get drunk 22 year old Yuuri grinding on Victor making him fall for him and completely forgetting about it the next day :)

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I mean episode 10 with drunk!Yuri means they could have, but I agree these three jumpsarted it #bless

i believe these 3 secretly ship yuuri with victor, that's why they did it