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Could I Be Any Cuter? | Valerio the jaguar cub at the San Diego Zoo (pic by Penny Hyde)

Could I be any cuter?) Valerio the male jaguar cub at the San Diego Zoo is the definition of cute. I love his pointy head. I thought that was just a baby thing, but it's still tere. As are his blue eyes.

sdzoo: Cat a log. by Ion Moe This little boy needs a name! Vote for your favorite name.

Cat a Log - A four and a half month old jaguar is wooing the crowds at the San Diego Zoo.

Jaguar Twins with Mom, cubs have a death rate their first year not counting poaching

Jaguar cub cuteness by Nancie Cunningham Casey

Jaguar cub cuteness by Nancie Cunningham Casey////Rawr! Okay, less rawr!

Baby clouded leopard

Baby Clouded Leopard by Jaguarov has to be my favorite big cat just beautiful by karin deidre naude

Jaguar Cub  -   San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California   USA

kawaii the Jaguar cub. There are four big cats in the biological grouping called Panthera: jaguars, lions, tigers, and leopards. These are the only big cats that can roar. They roar to scare off other animals and defend their territory.

tiger cub resting with mom | by vadaka1986

Bengal tiger and cub. I first notice the vivid patterns & colours. Then Iv a tendency to use the process of comparison to help my understanding. Compare petting the crown of house cat in my palm with the dinner plate crown of this monster


Destination Wild: White tiger Photography by

Clouded leopard cubs at the Houston Zoo! So precious...

magicalnaturetour: Clouded Leopard Cubs Show Mad Skills. The Clouded Leopard cubs, born at Houston Zoo on June are growing and developing their big cat skills. So far, the pair has mastered the art of being adorable! via ZooBorns

I think the eyes have been photo-shopped (not really blue) but still a beautiful animal

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