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Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit. I HAVE THIS! :D

Leegoal Lomo TLR Camera DIY KIT (GakkenFlex clone) with Assemble Tool The Perfect Gift! Takes about 1 Hour to Build. Shutter speed: 1 / 125 sec, Multiple exposure allowed. Focus range: to infinity, F value (aperture value): 6 - 12 Genuine Recesky

TLRS - two different generation

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{vintage Cmena 8 / Smena 35mm Soviet Lomo Film Camera}

RESERVED On Sale 15% Off vintage Cmena 8 - Smena 35mm Soviet Lomo, with original leather case

RESERVED On Sale Off vintage Cmena 8 - Smena Soviet Lomo, with original leather case

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An entry from good grief, miss agnes!

A Picture Perfect Cottage

A vintage way to start your day, with this awesome hand drawn vintage camera set mug. - Ceramic - Dishwasher and Microwave safe - Double sided print - 11 oz or 15 oz - White, glossy Processing time: 2

vintage cameras

Um...Hi Square Fine Art Print, Signed--Scrabble Tiles Warm Neutral Woodgrain Awkward Shy Hello Geek Love Wholesale

Dapper Fine Art Print--Handsome Vintage Houndstooth Cameras Masculine Black and White Mid Century Mad Men Mod Home Decor Wholesale

I got this for Christmas from my mom, BEST MOM EVER!

Doctor Who Mug

1182. Pinhole Camera. It’s a pinhole camera that shoots onto instant film and then opens up into a photo card that you can send to friends. @Amy Bagadonuts

“Flutter In Pinhole,” a fold-out camera postcard concept designed by Yoo Geun-hyuk & Yoon Bo-jung. There’s a video promo for a better explanation about the inspiration and bonus intended purpose. (first discovered via Yanko Design)

Old Camera [Road Trip 2009]

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre invented the photography process most similar to what we use now in