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1936: La parte posterior de la presa Hoover, rara vez se ve sin agua.

The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936 - On March the Hoover Dam was completed. More than people were employed by six Companies to construct the dam. Construction began in 1931 and over 100 workers died.

The construction company built four water intake towers for the Hoover Dam - each tower was 395 feet tall.

Hoover Dam being built. I really dug this tour. Highly recommended, but go on a non-holiday weekday or be prepared to spend a couple hours in line.

Construção da represa Hoover em 1934.

historicaltimes: “ Hoover Dam takes shape. Looking upstream from the Nevada rim, 24 February ”


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In the liner SS Normandie caught fire while being converted to a troopship, capsized onto her port side and came to rest on the mud of the Hudson River. Although salvaged at great expense, restoration was deemed too costly and she was scrapped in October

Les chutes du Niagara sans eau, en 1969.

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Dry Niagra falls in 1969 - in July a team of Engineers managed to divert the flow of water from Niagara River away from the American half of the Niagara Falls for several months with an.

L'un des tuyaux du barrage de Hoover, États-Unis. La construction de ce gigantesque barrage avait coûté la vie à 112 ouvriers à cause des conditions de travail très difficiles.

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The construction of the Hoover Dam was a magnificent architectural master piece of the time. The start to the construction completion took years. Here are some men standing in a steel pipe above the Dam.

Resultado de imagem para gare montparnasse 1895

Train accident - The Montparnasse derailment occurred at 4 pm on 22 October 1895 when the Granville–Paris Express overran the buffer stop at its Gare Montparnasse terminus - Paris, France

Sabaton has a song about our national hero, White Death, go listen. Simo Häyhä was one of the reasons we won.

Funny pictures about The most badass sniper in history. Oh, and cool pics about The most badass sniper in history. Also, The most badass sniper in history.

Bombardeiro atinge o Empire State Building em julho de 1945

A Bomber crashes into the Empire State Building on the morning of July Yet it did not collapse! New York Times photographer Ernie Sisto had two of his friends hold his belt while he dangled off the side of the building to snap this photo.

How the Hoover Dam was built

DAM construction began in 1931 and was completed in This photo of the construction is from It was originally called Boulder Dam.

A rare and simply amazing moment by the beach...

this beach looks really pretty love the colors and how the rocks are places on the sand it looks like someone placed them there this is a perfect water/beach picture

interesting shells

paper nautilus shells My favorite shapes and creations tend to be borrowed from nature. Paper Nautilus shells can be collected on rare occasions from Southern California Islands Western beaches.