Marimekko Kirsikka fabric > turned artwork when stretched over a canvas

Cycloid in Artichoke by Flavor Paper (via cococozy

'Cycloid' wallpaper in Artichoke designed by Flavor Paper. Other colors available, even your custom requests. via flavor paper

Suzanne Antonelli.

Suzanne Antonelli. (Present&Correct)

Great example of the effect of white next to a colour as opposed to two colours next to each other. The other colour to green is a tint of a tertiary colour possibly brown or taupe.


Holly wrote about Marimekko cows in today. The fabríc in question is Unikko, one of the best known patterns by designer Maija Isola. Maija Isola designed over 500 different patterns for Marimekko from to and is propably.

Rebecca May   Patternbank Textile Print Design Studio [Featured Designer] print pattern

Rebecca May - Patternbank Textile Print Design Studio [Featured Designer