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smiley piercing- I had mine pierced but took it out bc I didn't have the right ring xP



9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare procedure

9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure. Such a cute, simple piercing, and you don't see the scar.

Pac-Man Ear Piercing

Pac-Man Ear Piercing

There are 4 tips to buy these jewels: pat-man earrings earrings pacman jewelry ghosts style video games stud earrings cartilage piercing cartilage earring cute jewelry pac man piercing cute.

I really want a septum peircing

30 Extreme Piercings That Put Single Studs To Shame. Why have just one nose piercing when you can sport two?

Last week, I saw a few articles pop up on my Facebook newsfeed about the daith piercing. What is a daith piercing, you might ask? It’s a piercing on your crus helix, which is the part of your ear above the tragus. It’s basically a small piercing tucked into your ear that could easily be missed, but ends up looking so cute and kind of mysterious.

20 Gorgeous Examples Of The Daith Piercing That Will Make You Want One ASAP

If anyone has been on the fence about getting a daith piercing, this might convince you to take the plunge