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Andie- Pretty in Pink

fashion - Molly Ringwald's (in Pretty in Pink) floral pants (generally brightly colored printed pants) however ringwald normally was used to depict an lower middle class kid who was attempting to fit in with the styles, so the clothes were more toned down

A great picture of 80's Madonna!

This was always one of my favourite Madonna photos. I seem to remember getting a massive poster of this free with the newspaper or something back in the eighties.

Para clarear joelhos, cotovelos e axilas. Bicarbonato de sódio. Água oxigenada de 10 volumes. Misturar 2 medidas de bicarbonato de sódio para 1 medida de água oxigenada, em seguida aplicar, fazendo massagens circulares durante 5 minutos, e então enxaguar bem. Os resultados notam-se bem, logo após a 3ª aplicação. Fazer isto 2 vezes por semana.

fashion trends show us an interesting era of bold colours and fabulous pinnacles of a time we still can't forget.