Dieter Rams' "Ten principles for Good Design"

Dieter Rams - Principles of Design

Dieter Rams' "Ten principles for Good Design"/ all designers need to know / branding / identity / logos

Architectural design projects are the life and soul of architecture school. As a student, you are always working on one, and somehow it becomes what your life is

The presentation might not be the core of the project, but it surely influences viewers. Check these tips to enhance your Architecture Project Presentation.

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Hand drawn and watercolour. top heavy which works because of the diagonal created by coloured images. Small drawing in top right allows you to relate the perspective view to the plans.


Eduardo Souto de Moura - Museu Paula Rego, Cascais Previously, the amazing effect rain has on the concrete surface. Via, photos © Fernando Guerra, Luis Ferreira Alves.