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Blarney - flattering or wheedling talk. Origin: from a hamlet in Ireland, where a stone in Blarney Castle is said to impart skill in flattery to anyone who kisses it. [Hey, there's an Irish bar in NYC by the name of Blarney Stone!


Glitterati (n) Pronunciation [glit-uh-rah-tee] Wealthy or Famous People Who Conspicuously Attend Fashionable Events.

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Telegnosis - supernatural or occult knowledge. Origin: a combination of tele- meaning "transmission over a distance" from the Greek têle meaning "far," and gnosis meaning "knowledge.

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soporific - Word of the Day

) tending to induce drowsiness or sleep; tending to dull awareness or alertness.

Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day - alexithymia - Psychiatry. difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses.

Alexithymia - Difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses


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metanoia - - (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life. - - the only thing constant is change!

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This has been my favorite word for like ever! And it's my favorite movie. I love serendipity. Words can't describe how much I love that word!

I need some of that.

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