Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmosets, AKA finger monkeys (they are small enough to wrap around your…

Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset, aka 'Dwarf Monkey', the smallest monkey, they weigh 5 oz.

Amor de Madre

Endangered golden-headed lion tamarin babies and their mother. Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin "Severely endangered because of habitat loss and illegal capture. There are only about 200 golden-headed lion tamarins in the wild.



Söpö .

San Francisco Zoo: Francois monkey infant by MyLittleCornerOfTheWorld


Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!

I'm in need of some serious of relaxation, thank you Cascade Spa!

This cute orangutan baby may need a new hairdresser. He is having a bad hair day today, Will go & make an appointment for u

How can you not love this little face?

Gorilla baby Kajolu sits in its enclosure at Munichs Zoo Hellabrunn, Germany.

Tamarin with cheerio

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Monkey Family - just look at the Daddy looking on as the Mother tends to her baby!  a very tender moment!

Monkey Family - Daddy looking on as the Mother tends to her baby! a very tender moment!

Orangutan baby...OMG  how adorable!

Borneo baby - Brian Matthew - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009


Big Mama Cat with a Big Paw, the perfect place for her Cub to rest her head for a Cub Nap. More cute baby animal pictures at source.

omg thumbs monkey tooo cute

omg thumbs monkey tooo cute