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I love this!!

i& doodle my characters wearing ridiculous things and no one can stop me anyway i might open commissions soon?

Kitsune Stack - Closed by Sheylu

Interesting reference for the spirit. A source of inspiration only.

İlgili resim

missusruin: “ Witchsona commission for thelabyrinthlolita, from puppetgrenade pink/charms/herbal tea witch + corgi familiar ”:


clarkeisgriffine: “ elvishness: “ persephone and cerberus and a bunch of flowers i did for a step by step for my patreon✨ (valentino inspired dress) ” eeeeeeeeeeeeee ”

パーカーがちょっと硬そうなフードつきジャケットという感じがします。  もっとやわらかい曲線で、...

パーカーがちょっと硬そうなフードつきジャケットという感じがします。 もっとやわらかい曲線で、...

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Winter is here.

Winter is here.