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Колье "Изумрудная бабочка" - изумрудный цвет,тёмно-зелёный,бабочка,колье бабочка

Колье "Изумрудная бабочка" - изумрудный цвет,тёмно-зелёный,бабочка,колье бабочка

I don't know what "fabric" is being used here, but my eyes aren't good enough to create this stunning work - especially without a pattern to follow.

Thin mesh and wire? Stiched/embroidered with sequins and beads? Very delicate and intricate like a dragonfly wing

Beaded dragonfly brooch "Tizia" with aquamarine and gray agate.

themagicfarawayttree: Beaded dragonfly brooch Tizia with aquamarine and by MadameElegant

Hand-beaded pearl embellishment (detail) on Pink Woman's Dress, ca. 1830 | LACMA…

Detailing of the beadwork on the pink muslin evening dress (circa Regency England. Part of the LACMA collection