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People never understand

And need to be treated like humans! Not like aliens I'm sick of people always being like you wear a lot of black, studs, and band tees huh, yes I do but hardly ever studs and not always band tees and black, we need love too. My rant is done

Lamb Born With Corpse Paint. Metal

Lamb Born With Corpse Paint. Metal. (Link In Source)

Black Metal Goat Born in Norway "Abbath Style Corpse Paint" Brutally♥Adorable

Neither have I who is she? Lmao

‘I am still indestructible’: Lemmy has switched from whisky to vodka for health reasons

The 27 Club - musicians who died at the age of 27

Here are 9 members of the 27 Club – musicians who have died in tragic circumstances at the age of drug induced personal tragic, and fatal, life choices !

This is what society dosen't understand people go through so much shit

My music influences people to commit suicide? No, my music prevents it.

This is a prime example how illustrations can add to a literary work. ZEN PENCILS » 166. PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY: Ozymandias

MORE POETRY COMICS: Ithaka. The Road Not Taken. Percy Bysshe Shelley was an English poet. Ozymandias is Shelley’s most famous poem and was the result of a fr…

I don't get it why people think that those who listen to metal, rock, punk or music like that worship satan. I'm a christian, I believe in God, I even try not to say words satan or hell if I don't have to because they are against my principles, and i list

Also goes for screamo c: I am a Christian, but I like my music heavy sometimes. I also love Christian Metal music

Metal in a plastic society (And don't you dare falsely say you're a metal head!) << I'm not a metalhead, I just like this fashion so I'm pinning it

My red headed step daughter would be Satan's Temple. I don't know if I should be proud or terrified...

What’s Your Heavy Metal Band Name?

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Are you a metalhead or are you into heavy metal music? We will give you the most relatable problems.