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Peyote is a cactus which contains the psychedelic chemical, mescaline . Native North Americans have been using peyote for religious purpose.

MadDesigns: Huichol

This was my treat to myself during my recent Mexican vacation. There was much good art in Puerto Vallarta and some of the best Huichol that .

Huichol Mask

a beaded mask that depicts a woman made by a Huichol artist who lives in Mexico City

Huichol calavera

Unique Junktique: Tuesday's Top 5 Favorite Junk Finds Featuring Day Of The Dead Art Beaded Skull 1 by the Huichol People of Western Mexico @ Our exQuiste Corpse

Mexican Skulls, Skull Island, Sugar Skulls, Country Halloween, November, Mexican Fiesta, Human Body, 15 Years, Etchings


Chaquira, la joya perfecta.

I created this deck as a sister deck to the Golden Thread Tarot - both visually and conceptually. While the Golden Thread is really focused on looking within, the Luminous Spirit is really about radiating outwards. This focus will also be reflected in the app to be created as a companion in the future.  I was inspired by the way that we interact with light - how when light travels through a prism, we see all of the colors that are within. The archetypes within the tarot are all within us…

Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck: Holographic tarot cards with minimalist, hand-drawn imagery

DSC_0040_54e6def9-70b1-404c-b421-c9ae44fd6e4f_grande.JPG (600×400)

DSC_0040_54e6def9-70b1-404c-b421-c9ae44fd6e4f_grande.JPG (600×400)