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sunflower seeds {these look like the seeds which I harvested from my tall sunflowers! They have this distinct 'striped' pattern on the ripe seed, and are edible.

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Love the cabinet queen anne's lace beauty Green! green Daucus carota by horticultural art

Dans le paradis de la mer ! Un trou deau pour votre mur en violet délicat, crème et marron pour aller avec nimporte quel décor. Ils peuvent

Set of Three Periwinkle Purple, Cream White and Brown Sea Anemone Ceramic Bloom Pods with Purple Glass Wall Art

textura natural

Dried mud crack gives the feeling of roughness and dryness

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Plant trichomes are fine epidermal outgrowths that have diverse structure and function (e., hairs, scales, and papillae). These Olive scale-like peltate trichomes that often overlap prevent evaporative water lo


Anther Full of Pollen: The male sex organ of thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) full of pollen spores

Raspberry 'Fall Gold' (Rubus idaeus ) blooms in early summer with beautiful white flowers. The sweet fruits have a separate yellow color and ripen in July-August. | Netherlands

Raspberry 'Fallgold' - Shrub Rubus idaeus 'Fallgold' Raspberry 'Fallgold' (Rubus Idaeus) produces pretty white flowers in early summer. The sweet-tasting fruits have an unusual yellow colour and ripen in July-August.