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for Ubisoft's 'Assassin's Creed-III', concept art by William Wu, visual development, environment, prop and character concept design artist.

Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade Tribute

Hidden Blade Tribute from Assassin's Creed The traditions, the motives and the places may have changed during the years. But one thing always stays the same: The hidden blade

escape by: doubleleaf on deviantART

Escape by doubleleaf And Altaïr's just crouched there on the cliff.

Assassin's Creed: Utopia

Assassin’s Creed Utopia coming to mobile Ubisoft and GREE have announced a new mobile game called Assassin’s Creed Utopia.

Assassin's Creed. So true...so true

Assassin's Creed // Three Tenets -Hide In Plain Sight -Stay Your Blade From The Flesh of an Innocent -Never Compromise The Brotherhood

Assassins creed. Which assassin is the best? I honestly thing Edward Kenway is the best because he is so bad ass, he decided to be a pirate, and an assassin, and he still manages both just fine! TRY AND TOP THAT!!

Assassins Creed Games and their respective symbols. I love the revelations design and want to get a tattoo of it:)