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2 Day Sale! Assorted Foliage Landscape Wall Mat "Paradise" - 40" x 40" (Indoor/Outdoor UV)

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Artificial Extra Large Assorted Plant Backdrop Hedge Mat - High Density - Indoor/Outdoor UV! "Living" Wall, Looks So Real!
Create your own tropical hideaway, bursting with fresh green foliage that's super attractive and able to transform even the drabbest of areas into a luxurious haven or backyard retreat! This huge Assorted Foliage Leaf Wall Mat is loaded, packed, and stuffed with tons of incredible plant greenery in an awesome assortment of ferns, ivy, grasses and lots of vibrant vegetation! The mixed textures and plant heights along with varying shades of green make this jungle blend wall an asset in quickly covering large areas while enjoying privacy and succulent greenery!
When using a lot of panels together, you can turn panels upside down, sideways, etc to take away the "repeating" look. We recommend lying the panels on the ground and "making a plan" before hanging.
This wall is a 40" square on a plastic grid which is actually 16 pcs of 10" square mats that are very securely attached to each other with sturdy plastic pegs and holes so you can easily add on more walls or remove sections to change the configuration. The height or thickness of the plants and leaves ranges from 2" to 7"! it's very full and dense, providing excellent coverage. The foliage extends over the edge of the mat, up to 3", creating a seamless look when placed side-by-side. This mat is completely flexible and will bend around square or round columns, around square corners and it's the perfect solution when dealing with curved walls! Use indoors to transform any wall, column or surface into a wall plant garden.
Outdoors, green walls are an instant problem solver for those less than pleasant areas and it is UV protected up to 3000 hours which helps keep it bright and colorful, making it ideal for outdoor use! Camouflage pumps, sheds, utility boxes, air conditioners and even a playhouse or treehouse! Enhance a cabana, gazebo or pool house and what an exquisite and classy backdrop for weddings, events, garden parties and outdoor festivities. Create a privacy screen or easily change the background of patio eateries, beer gardens, stages and it's spectacular as a wall rooftop garden!
Each mat weighs 7 lbs. and the 1" square grid frame makes hanging and attaching this mat super easy! Simply staple-gun it to a wall or wire tie to a framework. Combine this with walls that have a different shade of green or use colorful floral mats for an incredible contrast in colors and materials. The plastic grid framework also makes it easy to insert and add floral sprays, bouquets, single roses or even string lights!
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