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'Hamlet' Shakespeare poster for RSC - Lauren Heath

Look for similar shapes in imagery and let one shape serve two purposes. 'Hamlet' Shakespeare poster for RSC - Lauren Heath

Dom McKenzie

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him -Marcus Antonius, Julius Caesar. Shakespeare Posters by Dom McKenzie

A Midsummers Night's Dream is a type of literature that I prefer in theatre more than I enjoy reading it. This Shakespeare play is actually a play that I have seen in many renditions, one was a 70's version, another a high school version, and another a London version. Each one adds a different significance to the play that the original skims over, and I do enjoy seeing each version adding more to the original in a modern context.

Cool posters we can put up all over the school ? A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespeare at Pratt by Michael Riso

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Macbeth Book Cover by Cody Johnson, via Behance. A photo that represent his becoming of king and the deaths involved .

Resultado de imagen para don juan poster, cover book

Scott McKowen has designed some amazing play posters. Cool poster for Macbeth. I know shadows are trite but I think this execution works because it plays with the parallel meanings (and not just a "dark reflection").

Poster for Hamlet, Dom Kultury, Poland, 2002. d: Monika Starowicz (Dydo Poster Collection)

Use type in conjunction with shape and let a letterform replace a part of the image. Poster for Hamlet, Dom Kultury, Poland, d: Monika Starowicz (Dydo Poster Collection)

Hamlet Book Cover (2013)

Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Read A book I should have read in high school. Shakespeare Book Covers by Chris Hall

,keyboard & cat

Ben Folds Five concert poster Three color screen print, 18 x 24 inches Artist: Jason Munn

Ⓔ & Ⓔ Eva & Elio

This Macbeth poster represents several themes: ambition because the skull has a crown as a mouth, power because of the crown and death because of the skull.