The Whitney Museum of American Art Presents a Major Lyonel Feininger Retrospective    The Whitney Museum presents "Lyonel Feininger: At The Edge of the World" from June 30th through October 16th. Organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, in collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where it will be exhibited in 2012.      More Information:   Copyright ©  Art Knowledge News     Read and Enjoy:  Reggie and the Staff at Dixie Art Supplies

Lyonel Feininger (Amerika, Juli 1871 in New York - Januar Harbor Mole 1913

I love his style. Simplistic, clear and refined. It talks to me and reminds me of my homecountry Germany. Serenity and movement combined.

Fisher Off the Coast painting by Lyonel Feininger at Detroit Institute of Arts.

Regler Church, Erfurt, 1930 | Lyonel Feininger, American (active in Germany), 1871–1956.

Regler Church, Erfurt 1930 Lyonel Feininger (American (active in Germany),

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Lyonel Feininger, Kirche von Niedergrunstedt (Church of Niedergrunstedt), 1919