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Haha. Some guys think it's pretty badass

Girls are like, "I play basketball so I'm automatically hot. I control a 1200 lb animal.

Exactly what I always tell my husband about my horse habit "Atleast I don't have a crack or cocaine addiction" hahaha so true!

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Let's see... green ottb, broken collar bone, surgery, EPM, the list continues! It's the unfortunate part of this sport but no matter what you have to take the bad with the good and keep rolling!

If you want to go far in this sport, you can't just have skill. You have to persevere through everything it throws at you

In general, don't judge. Unless your a show judge. Then it's alright

Yep, more often than not the trainer is behind what you see, I was one for years that trained the horse, stood on the sidelines and pep talked my rider as to what to do the day of the show.

Bitch please

That& about the most ignorant comment a person can say. Riding is HARD work. Mentally and physically.

In fresh green poo.  At a show.  *cough*LADDIE*cough*  Ahhhh, yes, good times.

I can totally relate with this and I love how it says 'grey' horse and not 'white' horse.