All the stages of Disney; SO TRUE!! grew up on bronze, liked silver, LOVE Rennasiance, and Revival blew me away

Ages of Didney

Disney Eras Personally, I like the "Dark Age" movies. I recently watched Oliver and Company again, and it was amazing.

The Art of Zootopia – A fantastic companion book to a fantastic movie  The Art of Zootopia  by Jessica Julius (foreward by Byron Howard and Rich Moore; preface by John Lasseter)  Chronicle Books  2016, 160 pages, 9.5 x 11.5 x 1 inches   $34  Buy a copy on Amazon  I got my hands on a copy of The Art of Zootopia last week, days before the movie opened, and was so enamored with the fresh yet classic Disney-inspired art that I was already set on reviewing the book. Then over the weekend I…

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