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Another goal I have is to be able to do something like this for my senior photos. - A selection of dance art.

Me and the music. I studied a variety of dance including ballet, interpretive, tap, modern, step, country and more. There have been periods in life when I wasn't dancing everyday and my body, mind and spirit felt 'stale and uninspired." In 2012 I made a decision to dance and now it's just me and the music for a special part of my day and my whole self resonates with vitality again.

It's just me now.when that person gave up on you. You have the music and I have DANCE! Dance Quote - Words of Wisdom


As far as I'm concerned, there are few things as adorable as sweet old couples. Think about it: how many times have you cracked a smile at a pair of cute old

Tja, dit geldt natuurlijk niet alleen voor een danser.............;-)

"Thinking is the biggest mistake a dancer could make. You have to feel." ~ Michael Jackson💜 HUGE inspiration, the man that made me fall in love with dance, I owe him my passion.💜 Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, THANK YOU SO MUCH💜💜

I love dancing I been doing this since I could walk and will dance till I can't breath anymore <3 it frees my mind and makes me truly happy every time <3

maybe in the back private room and it would say why WE dance and all the girls could sign it and say why they dance

grungy/baggy style of male - background (gray/washed out/little life)

Hip Hop & Ballet, 2 different style but still comes out elegant and nice :D!