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My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way Pin : gabotactyl

And this muh friendz is why I'm going to a performing arts school. dodge ball is literal hell! Maybe that's why MCR said we all go to hell.

If someone ever said "Harry Styles is hotter than Gerard" I would kill them that instant.

My Chemical Romance XD Harry Styles will never be a hot as Gerard Way like seriously, sorry but NO. actually, harry styles will never be hot full stop

My Chemical Romance

Interviewer: you're all married now, aren't you? Gerard: yeah, we're all married. Me and frank have babies. Interviewer: oh that's great. I didn't think you were married to eachother. I FRICKN KNEW IT

Never gonna happen


that doesn't happen very often tho, more like never<<< That was my reaction when popular girls sat by me.<--omg when popular girls (or guys) sit by me I'll be like "ugh what do you want now" 😆