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My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way Pin : gabotactyl

Read Žerard jokes from the story MCR and Frerard/JOKES and PICTURES by (McrTrash with 118 reads.

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is gerard wearing a gryffindor scarf? or is it just a normal yellow and red scarf.<<< it probably is a Gryffindor scarf

Welcome to the Black Parade

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this is funny because he starred in a play as Peter Pan when he was a child, lol

Gerard can fly XD------ the best part is that he played Peter Pan in fourth grade


sorry man but i'll do whatever these people want if it has Gerard Way on it with kitty whiskers<<<same XD

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My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way you're beautiful You are a pretty boy gerard, the prettiest of all the boys<<<true

i swear its illegal to be this cute

When you look in the mirror and you realise you're frank iero and you're too goddamned cute