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"One tattoo, one story, one person," states tattoo artist team Jade Tomlinson and Kev James, aka Expanded Eye.

Ylenia Vinil Manzoni é dona de um estilo super original. Inspirada por animais, pessoas e sentimentos, ela abusa das cores e dos traços firmes.

As tatuagens super originais de Ylenia Vinil Manzoni

Awesome Tattoos by Free-thinking Multidisciplinary Art Duo ‘Expanded Eye’

Bei der letzten Tattoo-Serie hatten wir euch den Berliner Peter Aurisch vorgestellt. Jetzt bleiben wir gleich mal beim Thema abstrakte Kunst. Ein weiterer Vertreter dieser Tattoo-Richtung ist nämlich das Londoner Künstler-Duo Expanded Eye, das man gerade i

Artistic duo Jade Tomlinson and Kev James of Expanded Eye bring a fresh and surreal perspective to their unique tattoo designs. Based in London, the p

Jade Tomlinson y Kev James, amantes del té, los árboles y la exploración forman el dúo de artistas conocido como Expanded Eye.

Expanded Eye - The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living Read the story…

Brandon Crone combines multiple tattoo styles to produce cohesive, stunning pieces of body art. Fusing dotwork, blackwork, and geometry, he adorns clients'

Geometric Sleeve Tattoos Visually Crystalize Across the Body