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Levi Wedel is an artist and photographer who lives in Calgary, Canada.

Adrian De Sa Garces // Namibia

Double Tap: Adrian De Sa Garces

Adrian De Sa Garces // Namibia

My Dark Conceptual Photos Are Inspired By A Desire To Tell Stories | Bored Panda

My Dark Conceptual Photos Are Inspired By A Desire To Tell Stories

This is real

Ice circles or ice pans are thin and disc shaped pieces of ice that slowly rotate in the water. There formation is quiet rare that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates like that of Scandinavia, North America, England and Wales.

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San Francisco-area landscape artist Andreas Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches during full moons

Andres Amador works out of the wide beaches of San Francisco. When asked why he prefers to create his art on sand, Andres answers: "Working with this medium, there

is a Slovakian photographer based in Berlin who decided to pursue her interest in fashion- and art-photography a couple of years ago, following her urge... The post Evelyn Bencicova appeared first on Art Fucks Me. Read more

This surreal photo series by Finnish photographer Susanna Majuri is amazing. I don't know why we recently post so much water stuff…


Dimitri Bogachuk


je veux magazine: Botswana a 150 metri d'altezza