Italian Cypress - Place between the back windows with ground cover pine/cypress

PlantFiles Pictures: Italian Cypress, Funeral Cypress, Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) by IthilienGarden

fruit trees incorporated into the landscape (I spy a fig with gorgeous gold fruit) and probably a lemon. Herbs, too.

Shapiro Malibu House House of Turquoise: Balfoort Architecture + Beach Chic Design greek, garden restaurant Great gift - banana bread, honey.

love the landscaping

Italian cypress to frame door and outer corners of the house. We are planning to plant these outside of our new house!

Italian Cypress - at front entry

Columnar Plants Add Interest To Any Landscape

Country road in Luberon, France

Country road in Luberon, France Garden entrance. Can you see this as being your driveway?

Landscaping For Privacy

Backyard Landscape Designs – Creating a Natural Privacy Screen

A hedge of Thuja has been planted between these homes instead of a fence in order to provide a more natural form of privacy. Sometimes shrubs make for a more desirable and friendly fence when attempting to establish privacy in an older neighborhood.

Willow Hybrid grows 6 ft a year.  Good for privacy and wind shield.

Willow Hybrid The Fastest Growing Privacy Hedge Trees You Can Plant! Need to block a large area in a hurry? The Willow Hybrid grows up to 6 ft. a year, filling out to create a solid green wall!

Ideas for garden design The garden is the view of our home world that's why we like to keep it fixed, that you think these 27 ideas to decorate and organize the

A drought-tolerant yard that attracts the birds

7 Inspiring Lawn-Free Yards

Birding paradise Garden designer Susanne Jett cheered up this Santa Monica lawn by laying down a crisp layer of decomposed granite and planting a showy—yet low-water—border that birds love as much as the homeowner does.