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Antique anatomical model via Nautilus

An enlarged anatomical head made by Paul Zeiller I in possibly the most dissected in a series of three enlarged male busts displayed in his anthropological museum.

内臓や骨の様子は今でこそよく知られており、Google Body Browserのようなウェブアプリで隅々まで観察することができますが、その昔は解剖はタブー中のタブーでした。そんな医学の夜明けの時代に作成された人体の...

Edo Period Human anatomy (date unknown). In this image, a sheet of transparent paper showing the outline of the body is placed over the anatomical illustration.

The skeleton, drawn in red and black ink, viewed from behind with the head hyperextended so that the face looks upward.  From The Anatomy of the Human Body (Tashrih-i badan-i insan) written in Persian at the end of the 14th century by Mansur ibn Ilyas.

straphangerr: The Anatomy of the Human Body, copied Mansur ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf ibn Ilyas The skeleton depicted.


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Human skulls and forensic anthropology are changing together. There are 29 bones (hyoid included) in the human skull, and for many years anthropologists have been using markers from this area of the body to determine sex, age, race, and to make…