Escena De Un documental alternativo Universo Naturaleza

Scene From An Alternate Universe Nature Documentary

Two Scalloped Oxen (better name pending) face off over a territorial dispute. A paintover of some zbrush sculpts I've been working on.The Scalloped Oxen are large reptilian omnivores distantly rela.

Crista Zarafa (color) by on @DeviantArt

Crista Zarafa display of "normal" skin behavior by day while simultaneously showing what occurs at night. The bioluminescence of its body blends with the bioluminescence of it’s surroundings making it seamlessly blend into its environment.

Mi-Go lovecraft creature painting illustration art jordan walker

Jordan Walker is a freelance Illustrator of science fiction, fantasy, paleo art and historical reconstructions.

MKX- Aztec Beast Prop, Atomhawk Design on ArtStation at

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