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If women and children in impoverish countries, it could improve their economic situation. They would have the knowledge and skill to improve their situations.

NB: (Contact an on-campus photographer and get a similar shot with a pakistani student)

This US AID infographic demonstrates the importance of improving women’s education, economic contribution, political power and health in developing countries through international assistance programs.

Infographic: Why invest in women? USAID has created this excellent infographic that shows why investing in women’s health, education and empowerment leads to more prosperous and just societies:

Elizabeth Warren On The Daily Show - Damn! LOL

Elizabeth Warren is amazing and perfectly sums up what's wrong with higher education costs.

Actress Hedy Lamarr was also a mathematician and the inventor of frequency hopping spread spectrum, a technology still used for bluetooth and wifi.  Thanks to LGBT Equality World Wide for the share!

Hedy Lemarr, an actress who was regularly described as the "most beautiful woman in Europe", was also a mathematician and inventor. She was the inventor of the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, used in your bluetooth and wifi.

More people need to know these things! Hopper also came up with the term debugging. Note: I love Ada Loveless, but she was not the first inventor. She improved Charles Babbage's design so that it could actually work and predicted AI, but was not around to see it built. Love her, but this is over simplified.

Without women, computing as we know it would not exist. Hedy Lamarr holds the patent to the technology on which GPS, WIFI, and Bluetooth were founded. In addition to being beautiful, she was brilliant.

wow just because a women may have done that isn't a valid reason to hate feminism the person who made this is just a dip shit

With Carmine car care kit for women, you can handle car emergencies with confidence.

Why I Don’t Want to Send My Kids to Public School – Red and Honey

Why I Don't Want to Send My Kids to Public School

Changing Education Paradigms - Sir Ken Robinson shares his ideas about our educational system being built for a different time in history.

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Learning Feminism Through Pokemon haha. I relate most to liberal,trans, womanism and eco feminism - equality for all!