does anyone know who did this? i'd like to give credit to the artist.

Only eyes for you, traditional style tattoo flash, womans face drawing, roses. Maybe have tattoo artist change it up a little

Wolf & Ram Tattoo

Just found my new tattoo, spirit and zodiac animals together. Wolf and Ram Tattoo

8x10 Kewpie Edward Tattoo Flash (20.00 USD) by ParlorTattooPrints

8x10 Kewpie Barber Barbering Edward Scissorhands Tattoo Flash

Mustache !

Who wants a moustache ride? Flapper on a Moustache Ride Tattoo Traditional Tattoo Flash and Wall Art by Quyen Dinh

~ SELF MADE ~ I've been wanting forever to paint a traditional boxer girl, ( I used to box a bit and I loved the outfit :)) I was l.