Tutorial: 8 half square triangles at once

How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method

laugh yourself into Stitches*: The Magic 8 revisited.trimming trick and cutting chart! - Stitch and cut 8 half square triangles from two squares

Wish I knew this just a week ago! How to make loads of Half Square Triangle Units at a time.

I& sure I& learned a half dozen ways of making half square triangle units, but my favorite method is taking a square of background fabric.

Video tutorial: No Y seams tumbling blocks - easy quilting

Video tutorial: tumbling blocks with no Y seams

How to make half-square triangles at any size with these five different methods!

HST Tutorial and Maths Formula

The most accurate method to make HSTs is to use triangle papers. This tutorial gives you some tips and tricks to make the most of these useful little tools!

Hidden Star Retreat Logo- gotta try this with 10" scrappy squares (80" x 80" quilt)!

FREE tutorial for this woven star. This can be made by using Accuquilt Half Square & Squares Finished.

How to make Half Square Triangles - fast, easy and accurately! - YouTube

A tutorial showing how to make lots of half square triangles fast and accurate. A Shortcut Sheet technique for making half square triangles.

Half Square Triangle Shortcut! - It's not cheating, it's genius!

HST (half square triangle) Trick- It's Not Cheating, It's Genius! My mind just exploded a little bit. I'm now feeling more confident about my planned chevron quilt!