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Tutorial: 8 half square triangles at once

How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method

laugh yourself into Stitches*: The Magic 8 revisited.trimming trick and cutting chart! - Stitch and cut 8 half square triangles from two squares

How to make loads of Half Square Triangle Units at a time.

north winds quilting: Half Square Triangle Units - how to make a large number of HST's quickly

half square different methods as well as instructions for different sizes

Quilt Making Basics Tutorial - 4 ways to make Half Square Triangles + fabric dimensions - The Littlest Thistle

Half-Square Triangle Tutorial: 8 At A Time - great tutorial from Blossom Heart Quilts xxx

HST Tutorial: Eight At A Time

HST accuracy tips-by Alyce-there’s three methods of making half-square triangles that we’re going to be using over and over. So check them out, have a read, and familarise yourself with how they work.

Zig Zag Qult with half square triangles.

Zig Zag Qult with half square triangles. Never thought of triangles to make a chevron.

half square triangle quilting quilt tutorial shortcut

The other day (or like, two months ago) on QuiltCast, Amy and I were talking about shortcuts and tools we use in our studio. I mentioned blue painter’s tape, and how I use it for making Half Square Tr

Easy Quarter Square Triangle Units

It's Easy to Make Quick Pieced Quarter Square Triangle Units

Use my step by step instructions to learn how to make easy quick pieced quarter square triangle units without handling individual triangles.: Make One Type of Quarter-Square Triangle Unit

Short-cuts for making and squaring-up multiple Half Square Triangle Quilt Blocks at once. Video tips and time-saving tutorial.

Half Square Triangle Short-Cuts - Video Demo

Short-cuts for making and squaring-up multiple Half Square Triangle Quilt Blocks at once. Video tips and time-saving tutorial.

Mass Production Half Square Triangles..... a tutorial....!.

Mass Production Half Square Triangles: a tutorial. This is a great way to save time and fabric.

The Magic 8 Method Tutorial - Make 8 Half Square Triangles at Once | Coral + Co.

Want to know how to make 8 half square triangles at once?

If you need to make a ton of Half Square Triangles The Magic 8 Method is the way to go! For this weeks installment of the Half Square Triangle Tutorial Series I will show you all how to make eight half square triangles at one time!

Jane's Quilting: Quilt Charts and Formulas

Learn different techniques for making half square triangles. Some will have you stitching up many at a time. The Sewing Loft Mehr

Ripple – The Quilter's Bazaar


Looking for the Ripple Quilt Kit instead? Ripple is created using a simple method to achieve half square triangle strips. The off centered design gives it a "ripple" water effect.