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Huge Moto's retro-futuristic Honda CBR1000RR-based concept.

Going Huge: What it Takes to Design a Concept Bike

Honda CBR1000RR by Huge MOTOMore bikes here.

s-l-i-t-s-c-a-n: “ RR STOC Huge Moto’s bikes all look lethal designer/huge moto ”

Copied from Batman?

REAVER Military Motorcycle by ProgV the upper part is a jet engine, nozzles are on each side so they won't burn the tyre. lower part can open up to let driver get inside ( so actually the size of this motor is huge.

Futuristic motorbike

Conceptualized by Enzyme Design in France, the Icare motorcycle is meant to be the Aston Martin of the two-wheeled world with a six-cyclinder Honda engine (look like something from Tron)

Enorme Moto dará vuelta a su CBR1000RR en un luchador cafetería de estilo Tron

Channelling Tron: the ultimate café fighter kit