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Mythbusters~ I have seen every season at leased 3 times each~ Am I geeky they helped me on a test some how!

There was this glorious period when Amazon Prime let you watch Mythbusters for free, and I made it through about 5 of their 10+ seasons before they were taken out of the free rotation. God, those were good times. Sigh. (11 Times The MythBusters Took Their Job A Bit Too Far)

11 Times The MythBusters Took Their Job A Bit Too Far

The MythBusters have filmed experiments, investigated myths, and created 900 super-entertaining explosions:


No, I will try it in the middle of a desert/nowhere where the police won't kill me for blowing up a persons house.

The Mythbuster Way�

The Mythbuster Way…

Funny pictures about The Mythbuster Way. Oh, and cool pics about The Mythbuster Way. Also, The Mythbuster Way.

Only thing against that statement (but not them) is I had a great physics teacher who would find any reason to let us watch Mythbusters in class, and that was in high school. That was the only high school science class I remember anything from

Thanks MythBusters this is so legit. I have taken science courses centered around mythbusters

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The Mythbusters Method… gotta love 'em!

The Mythbusters Method…

Funny pictures about The Mythbusters Method. Oh, and cool pics about The Mythbusters Method. Also, The Mythbusters Method.

A Farewell to Mythbusters

Looking back on the great, and often crazy, times I had photographing Mythbusters for the Discovery Channel.


"Adam Savage is by no means a normal person. no one who watches Adam for about two minutes could ever mistake him for a normal person.

MythBusters: 23 Best MythBusters Quotes : Discovery Channel

24 Best MythBusters Quotes

MythBusters: 23 Best MythBusters Quotes : Discovery Channel: Jamie after one of the more dangerous experiments(Who am I kidding?

Myth Busters

Another Card i made Kinda fun to do My previous one was this one: [link] Hope you like it Mythbusters Magic Card