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Tumblr Stuff #29 I really only pinned it because of the last one because WHAT THE EVEN

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Moth lab…

Funny pictures about Moth lab. Oh, and cool pics about Moth lab. Also, Moth lab.

genius!  i would buy those tampons

The Tampocalypse… They've got it wrong. Instead of "For the fighting spirit" the girl should say "It ate my last bite of chocolate". THAT would start a Tampocalypse!

Oooh! Great to see that my language isn't always teased for having such long word and it sounds like "screaming"

Do you know that the German word for "dragonfly" is "Libelle"? Now there's a pretty German word for a change. And a German rooster says "kikeriki" instead of "cock-a-doodle-doo". I like the German version better. I am German!

Epic. Just... that is the only word I can think of. Holy... epic..

When vegan ideas backfire completely :) hahha mmmmm fresh meat!

The comment at the bottom makes me laugh a lot harder than it probably should....  Lol you broke physics!!!!

You Broke Physics…

Funny pictures about You Broke Physics. Oh, and cool pics about You Broke Physics. Also, You Broke Physics.

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service... by amparo

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service. Lol I want to encounter awesome customer service like that.