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johnny depp-The Mad Hatter-

Fun fact: the "Mad Hatter" was never called that in the original book. He was just referred to as "the Hatter".The only people who ever refer to him as "mad" are outsiders like Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

And he doesn't the difference between "her" and "him" he's so funny!

Alice in Wonderland- Huge fan of this movie. I especially loved the chemistry between Alice and the Mad Hatter. So excited for the sequel. Also a huge Johnny Depp fan.

My face when I get second guessed buy people. .. maw hahahhhh

Which Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

Kiss Meme - Alice and Hatter by ~Tell-Me-Lies

Otherwise known as Set B One of three versions of *ChuraMai's Cute Kiss Meme that I drew in one stupid day. Kiss Meme - Alice and Hatter