Conceptual Illustrations by Perla Marina

Flame Witch: ~ "The Fire Caller," by PerlaMarina, at deviantART.

. . . women healers long ago were known as witches, a word that came from Old English witan, which meant to know or to be wise.. . witches were the wise women who had a special knack for revealing lifes mysterious truths. — The Woman in the Shamans Body, Barbara Tedlock

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Marco Polo Marketing Concept 2, Gabriel Yeganyan on ArtStation at

Marco Polo Marketing Concept Gabriel Yeganyan on ArtStation at…

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I felt my body liquidify, melt into pure fire.

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"Unlimited Road to Devotion" Peace,LoveLight!

By Lenka Simeckova #bleaq #illustration #dark

Ghostly comic influenced illustrations by Lenka Simeckova

Ghostly comic influenced illustrations by Lenka Simeckova - Bleaq

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iraildes fontes monteiro - I did not know (tech challenged) that if you click…

The "I" in me, my friend, dwells in the house of silence, and therein it shall remain for ever more, unperceived, unapproachable. ~~~ Khalil Gibran

ianbrooks: “ Come With The Rain by Kode Logic Very cool piece by Kode aka Boss Logic, but the first thing I thought was “oh shit, The Liquidator’s back!

Inside reads: "Yuletide Greetings" in six languages. Produced with a matching, printed envelope. Card is individually cellophane wrapped. Size: 4 .75" x 6.75" (121 x 171mm)

Yule Angel Card

Wholesale Yule angel - Something Different

Vampire....sssh it won't hurt

Fantasy and fine artwork. DNA fantasy Images provides a great collection of visual artwork created from some of the worlds finest and talented artists. Whenever possible the original artist is credited with a web link directly from the image. Some images