Encyclopaedia of Babies of Beautiful Wild Animals: Baby Orangutan adventures

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baby orangatang

Funny Cheeky Monkey: Smile break image for the classroom brain break.


Orangutans - of all the primates, i love these the most. Such gentle animals, with the kindest eyes x.


A sadness in the eyes protrays the acceptance of things as they are. Yearns for the wild and days of freedom.------------------------------------Orangutan,San Diego Zoo (by Official San Diego Zoo)


Just like creating a tongue sticking out of a smiley face makes it a bit more wacky, a cute animal sticking their tongue out is just that much funnier or

Awww :D

Image detail for -Ashton Drake So Truly Real RISA monkey Orangutan Baby Doll

So cute

CLOWNIN' This adorable chimpanzee baby looks like he's having a lot of fun at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia's Copperbelt Province.

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Two cute baby monkeys riding on back of parents Funny little baby monkey with big eyes seen in this picture Adorable image of cute little f.

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This cute orangutan baby may need a new hairdresser. He is having a bad hair day today, Will go & make an appointment for u

Hanging around.

This baby Orangutan was the highlight of the day. Watching it learn to climb around was fascinating.

Yes, its me .. now go and find my Mum.. or kill the bastards that killed her....... oh yes and all the Palm Oil users too while you are about it.......

A rescued baby orangutan - photo © Orangutan Foundation International- if we would stop slashing the forests, we wouldn't have to RESCUE them.

An Orangutan Mommas eyes locked on her precious newborn. via Wild for Wildlife and Nature on FB

"An orangutan Momma's eyes locked on her precious newborn. via: Wild for Wildlife and Nature" It's a mom thing.