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Restore Old Shoes with Toothpaste.if toothpaste cleans shoes this good, what is it doing to my teeth? That's why I make my own toothpaste.

I do actually clean most of these, but there are great tips to make the cleaning easier!

32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't

32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't. I clean (most) of these things but its nice to have a reminder on some of these

LOADS of home help hints!

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Toothpaste as CD Cleaner To restore a damaged CD, apply a dot of non-gel formulat toothpaste to a cotton cloth. and rub in a straight line from the center of the CD outward, covering any scratches. Rinse off the toothpaste with water. hope it works!

Use tooth paste to remedy these things

Supposed to also be good for cleaning cloudy head lights. and I use this stuff on my TEETH? Toothpaste to remove crayon marks - and other surprising remedies!

17 Aluminum Foil Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Removing Rust From Chrome School Chairs For A Cute Dining Set . removing rust from metal using aluminum foil and water . it actually polishes it . it really works, you can also add toothpaste to polish the metal too per the comments .

Use Mayonnaise To Remove Water Marks on Wood ~ the easiest, simplest and cost effect!  Try it!

Use Mayonnaise To Remove Water Marks on Wood ( or Miracle Whip) Apply to water mark and leave on overnight .Wipe off next morning and water mark will be gone.

Para despegar las etiquetas, utilizamos el secador de pelo...IDEA!!

Pinner Said: wish I knew this about a million years ago! Hair Dryer as Sticker Remover - A little hot air quickly loosens price labels—with zero fingernail-chipping frustration. I Say: LIES! This didn't work. No matter how long I used the blow dryer.


Quick Tip: Clean Marker from Painted Surfaces with Toothpaste — This Old House

For all of our crafty lady's, myself included. How to Clean a Glue Gun via MakelyHome.com

How to Clean a Glue Gun

DIY clean glue gun — this is very useful for craftsy people that use a lot of hot glue

Use a vinegar or a very weak bleach solution if your water bottle isn't dishwasher-safe (or if you don't own a dishwasher). Get the directions here.

37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know

Deep clean your water bottles if they’ve started to smell a little moldy. Use a vinegar or a very weak bleach solution, then rinse the bottle well and put a tablespoon of baking soda in the bottle. Top the bottle with hot water. Let it sit overnight.

Cleaning shoes with nail polish remover

Nail-polish remover removes stains from tennis shoes. Shoe on the left has just been cleaned! I need to clean my coach shoes!

Eu nunca imaginei que a pasta de dente pudesse fazer tantas coisas. Veja 18 truques incríveis.

Infografía con trucos para eliminar manchas de la ropa  -  Infographics with tricks to remove stains from clothes

Infografia amb trucs per eliminar taques de la roba - Infographics with tricks to remove stains from clothes

Gebruik krijt om vetvlekken te verwijderen uit kleding. Gewoon wit krijt wrijven op het getroffen gebied en was als normaal. De kalk zal het vet absorberen en worden weggespoeld in de cyclus.

Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub white chalk on the affected area and wash as normal - the chalk will absorb the grease and be washed away in the cycle. 101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home