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Elsa and Jack Frost... And i thought i shipped Rapunzel and Jack until now.... My opinion has completely changed.

Elsa and Jack Frost. And I thought I shipped Rapunzel and Jack until now. My opinion has completely changed. I would have never shipped Rapunzel and Jack.

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The King and queen with prince Jelsan Håkon and princess Krystal Anna

Elsa and Jack frost

Jack Frost(DreamWorks/RiseOfTheGuardians) and Elsa(Disney/Frozen). They need to make this happen!

Jack Frost - Snegurochka by damned-selena on deviantART

Jelsa's first wintery date interrupted. In russian style. Look at north xD

#wattpad #fanfiction Modern time This happened 1 year later When 18 year old Elsa left for America,19 year old Jack try to find her but he can't.He became a cold hearted King,he work out everyday,he talk to the moon every night and he randomly throw people in to the dungeon. While Elsa become a pop star, She still miss...

My Queen(sequel to My King - The interview

and a crown fit for a queen." "Jack, you don't have to give me anything." "Thank you, Jack.