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#ifunnytop, #10at10, #AlternateFeatures, #Feature, #ifunncleanup

The most evil thing I can imagine.

Funny pictures about Friendly advice from Satan. Oh, and cool pics about Friendly advice from Satan. Also, Friendly advice from Satan.

Turn a conventional weapon (lego brick) into a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION. and call them Jefferson starships, Supernatural everywhere

I'm am laughing wayyy too hard right now...

The welsh word is popty ping? What am I doing calling it a microwave?


And this is how famous authors should annihilate their foes. <<< Well, I like writing, and I could surely do something like this, just to see. It would be wonderful! I'll do that sometime, if I ever start writing for a living.

That must be bad if it's a 9 on an alphabetical scale XD

The comments tho! Omg laughed so hard! lol 9 on an alphabetical scale

10 Hilarious Kids Test Answers That Are So Wrong But Brilliant.

Never thought of it that way... And yeah now it sounds weird!

Funny pictures about Sleeping is weird. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping is weird. Also, Sleeping is weird.