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6 Habits You Don't Realize Are Making You Broke

93 Depression Quotes and Images from Social Media. not always a bad thing to say fine, I say it ALL the time. I'm just not good at saying feelings.

I just shouldn't talk to people. Maybe I will stay in bed and then no one can hurt me and I won't hurt anybody and there will me no one to disappoint or hurt.

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Mental illness quote - I feel like I am gasping for air. Screaming for help. But everyone just looks at me with confused faces. Wondering what I am struggling over when they're all doing just fine. And it makes me feel crazy.

Only some people notice.

some people can hide the fact that they are suffer, but sometimes you can see into their eyes. and look them and notice that their are hurting and bleeding inside. thats why you dont wanna to be visible. and you hide. It's so sad.

Sad, but I think a lot of people feel this way from time to time

Ya ive never had anyone afraid of losing me and i am worthless stupid pathetic slobberdegullion plain old down right worthless

:( If anyone ever hears someone else say this, please take this type of statement seriously.  It's easy to ignore it & do nothing.  For most people it's not about creating "drama". IT IS A CRY FOR HELP!

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I didn't want to leave what we had...I am just a girl who fell for someone that wanted different things in the end.

I left you. You didn't walk away or make a choice to leave. You lost me.but I'm your quote show you think other wise. I wonder if you even know what the truth is. I'm the one who taught you how to tell the truth in the first place.

This describes me A LOT.  If people only knew...

The other day my friend and I were talking about standing her standing up to this girl and she said "it's alright for you, you're really tough" and I just laughed inside


"I smile all day long at work and around people but when I'm alone I cry all the time will i ever be happy again". Ohh I used to feel and wonder exactly the same, and yes, life gets better in the end.